We are an essential chapter in your business’s story.

Every business has a life of its own, and every businessperson has a story to share. The Burlington Chamber of Commerce creates opportunities for leaders to make meaningful connections. As a tireless advocate, we focus on the bigger picture so that you can focus on growing your business day-to-day.

Joseph Apps – Joe Apps Technology Support

The Burlington Chamber of Commerce tradeshow is a great way to showcase your business. As this event brings out lots of different business from within and outside of the community it gives you lots of exposure and allows you to showcase your business and what you are able to do for your clients. This event helped grow my business by showing fellow chamber members the services we offer and what we are able to bring to their businesses.

Joseph Apps

Ken Bolt – Brant Florist

The Burlington Chamber promotes and supports local businesses at every level and provides a wide range of benefits to membership. Highly valuable to any local Burlington business.

Ken Bolt

Ryan Brown – Escarpment Wealth Management | FundEX Investments Inc.

By attending the various Chamber network events, namely BB9s, BA5s & YPN networking, I have had the opportunity to meet great people in the Burlington business community that are like-minded in wanting to work with and support local businesses. This support has helped me grow my practice, allow me to support local business, while developing both professional & personal relationships where I live. It is a great organization to be involved with as a business owner and committee chair.

Ryan Brown

Mike Haines – M&A Network

The experience and the expertise within the Chamber can help any business. Would I recommend the Chamber membership? Yes definitely, always would. I've been here since 1990. I wouldn't be here every year if I didn't think it was worthwhile. It gives me a great ROI.

Mike Haines

Jelena Milivojevic-Balogh – LaSalle Park Retirement Community

LaSalle Park Retirement Community has been a Chamber member for over 5 years. The networking has been incredible. We have met so many people and established great relationships with other local businesses as a result. The education opportunities offered are very beneficial to our entire organization as they provide relevant and timely information that impacts businesses on a daily basis. Joining the Chamber was one of the best things we did when our retirement community opened up and we will continue to renew our membership for the years to come.

Jelena Milivojevic-Balogh

Shafiq Mohamed – Fully Promoted

For me, I get the maximum value from my Chamber membership by attending events to network and build my brand exposure, by staying involved in a committee to build strong relationships, and by hosting an event for members to experience my business first hand. It takes time, but it's worth the effort and it does pay off.

Shafiq Mohamed

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