Member Benefits

How does membership in the BCC help my company and employees?  We focus on three main activities that will help your business to grow and be successful.

1. Connecting Leaders

2. Active Advocacy

3. Creating Opportunity 

Mentorship Program
Pairing professionals and entrepreneurs with experienced leaders who have expressed a desire to guide and support other Chamber members. There is proven evidence that mentoring can help individuals advance both personally and professionally, and mentoring is an excellent way to make key industry contacts that develop relationships lasting well beyond the end of the program. Whether you are new to your corporate position or at the start of your entrepreneurial journey, connecting with a mentor from the Burlington Chamber of Commerce will help you navigate your environment faster and smarter. You will learn directly from successful individuals who are more than happy to share the steps they took, the challenges they faced and the mistakes they made along the way.

Mentorship Handbook

I am interested in being a mentor

I am interested in being a mentee

For more information please email [email protected]

Group Insurance

Since 1970 the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan has a long and distinguished record of prompt service, comprehensive coverage, and competitive rates.  The Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan is the largest small business program in Canada and insures over 29,000 business owners.  Weather you’re introducing or replacing a program, let your exclusive Chambers Plan advisor show you what a Chambers Plan can do for you.  It may be more than you expected.


You make promises to your customers and it’s your job to ensure their satisfaction.  But, promises don’t matter if you can’t deliver.  Count on Purolator to help deliver your promises so you can focus on what maters most – your business.

As the preferred shipping provider of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Purolator is pleased to offer Chamber members preferential pricing through their volume discount program; with discounts starting at 25% on Purolator Express and Purolator Ground suite of services.  

Learn about how Purolator can help deliver your promises at

First Data

First Data provides exclusive member payment processing rates, terminals and solutions to help businesses be more competitive.  

First Data (NYSE:FDC) is a global leader in commerce-enabling technology and solutions, serving approximately six million business locations and 4,000 financial institutions in more than 100 countries around the world. The company’s 24,000 owner-associates are dedicated to helping companies, from start-ups to the world’s largest corporations, conduct commerce every day by securing and processing more than 2,800 transactions per second and $2.2 trillion per year.

For more information about First Data products and services, visit

Save 3.5 Cents Per Litre With Esso

Whether you have a small sales force or a large fleet of service vehicles, the Esso Business Card Program gives you exceptional fuel savings, powerful and easy-to-use fuel managment tools and broad acceptance at nearly 1,800 Esso stations in Canada.  


  • Drive more money to your bottom line wth volume discounts
  • Easily pay bills, manage cards and track expenses with their time-saving online tools
  • Reduce or eliminate unwanted driver spending with purchase restrictions

For more information or to enroll, please contact Steve Kay: [email protected]


Grow your business with Peninsula.  

Having access to your own human resources team means more time to build your business.  That’s where Peninsula comes in.  

When you run a small business, the most valuable commodity of all is the hardest one to find: time.  Time to concentrate on doing the things you do best.  The things that made you set up in the first place.  The things that make your business grow.  Because nobody sets up a business to spend their time learning about employment relations or making sure they are up-to-date with their health & safety.  Nobody except Peninsula that is. 

Peninsula helps small businesses take care of the details leaving business owners free time to see the big picture.  They are here to build partnerships for the long-term.  For the day-to-day and when the unexpected happens.  You can trust Peninsula to bring the expertise you need to solve your problems.  They are always available to help.

For more inforamtion please visit or contact Stacey Saxena at [email protected]